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Today’s Topic: Reacting to the GOP Senators’  “nevermind, we take it all back”

Judge Garland has met with 17 Senators as of today, the latest being Judiciary Committee member Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI). However, the cracks we saw last week in the GOP seem to have been puttied and plastered over as a few have backtracked on even meeting President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

From NYT:

Senators Jerry Moran of Kansas and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have reversed themselves and say they now back the decision made by Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, not to hold hearings.

Carrie Severino, chief counsel for the Judicial Crisis Network: “These meetings are non-events, no matter how badly the White House wishes the opposite were true,” she said in a statement. “The only reason we hear anything about these courtesy meetings is that the White House is desperate to spin every act of political theater into a sign of life for the nomination.”


Despite the hyperbole, Senator Collins noted on MSNBC that 14 GOP senators are willing to meet with Judge Garland, stating “I view that as an evolution.” What does this mean for the nomination? Is this a deathblow, or just part of the political back and forth that is just heating up as the issue percolates back to the Senators’ home states?

A running list we’ll keep updating:

List of GOP Senators willing to take a meeting (or have already met):

  • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.
  • John Boozman, Ark.
  • Bill Cassidy, La.
  • Susan Collins, Me.
  • Jeff Flake, Ariz.
  • Charles E. Grassley, Iowa
  • James M. Inhofe, Okla.
  • Ron Johnson, Wis.
  • Mark S. Kirk, Ill.
  • James Lankford, Okla.
  • Jerry Moran, Kan.
  • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
  • Rob Portman, Ohio
  • Jim Risch, Idaho
  • Mike Rounds, S.D.
  • Marco Rubio, Fla.
  • Patrick J. Toomey, Pa.

GOP Senators who support holding hearings and/or a vote

  • Susan Collins, Me.
  • Mark S. Kirk, Ill.

Number  of GOP stonewallers (no meetings, no hearings, no way): 45

Source: NYT

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