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Advice & Consent 2.06: Ramping Up

On this episode: the continuing obstruction on documents, what we’ve learned about Kavanaugh recently, the huge media buy by pro-Kavanaugh groups and the hearings schedule.

What we’re learning about Kavanaugh

  • He’s possibly the most partisan nominee in recent memory.
  • He was super aggressive in the Starr inquiry into President Clinton
  • There’s literally no way he’s anything but a surefire vote to weaken choice and there’s no way he’ll answer any question on Roe jurisprudence, because our confirmation hearing system is full on broke (technical term).
  • Kavanaugh says in meeting with Sen. Collins that he agrees with Roberts that Roe is “settled law.”


Doc Production

Republicans have closed ranks on the issue of document production. Democrats were less than pleased as the gateway for the White House documents has shifted from the traditional National Archives to attorneys for George W. Bush to determine relevance (personal docs are excluded, Presidential are handed over). The National Archives issued a statement saying the Burck-led process was “completely apart” from its work and is “something that has never happened before.” (WaPo)



Kavanaugh media buy

  • Planned Parenthood – six figures – The Hill
  • NRA – $1mil  AdAge
  • Pro K forces (Judicial Crisis Network, et al.) 7.5 mil to 1.5 mil for opposition Politico


Hearing schedule

Begins Sept 4 Politico


Last but not least

The President of the United States is an unindicted co-conspirator in a guilty plea duly entered into federal court. The details call into question the legitimacy of the election and his presidency. He should not get a single further nomination of anyone through the Senate until all questions regarding his activities on this and other matters are settled.

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